How To Get Tight Ringlets Curls

How To Get Tight Ringlets Curls

Ringlet curl is a type of hairstyle. Ringlets are also known as corkscrew curls. You can get that kind of curl by wrapping a strand of hair around the length of a thin curling wand or can be done with a perm in salon. Such 90s hairstyles have made a roaring comeback in recent years, and it's still popular now. We know you are getting excited to try the look, here is a full guide to create this iconic look with Terviiix 9mm thin curling wand.



Styling tool matters. A right styling tool can reach your desired look with less damage and effort. Terviiix thin curling wand with 9mm barrel is great for creating tight and bouncy ringlet curl. Beside that, it also has various temperature levels from 250°F to 450°F. Proper temperature can reduce 40% less damage while styling. The last important thing of a styling tool is the swivel cord, especially when it comes to a curling iron. You can imagine that would be really awkward when we lift up our arm above head but the cord won't rotate


Blow out your hair until it is all dry and use a heat protectant spray, as heating tools always cause damage on hair. 


Separating your hair with clips, make sure those hair strands does not affect each other.


Take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the curling wand, wait 5-7 seconds before release. Congradulations! Your first ringlets curls is created. Note: to make sure the curls really set in, don't touch them until cool, and don't brush them otherwise you will get a crazy messy hair. Keep on finishing the rest strands, it might takes a while.


Finally you finished all strands, your hair is much voluminous. Slightly brush it out, then use small clips set a cute hairstyle. Usually those tight curls will last for couple days

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