80s Crimped Hair is Back

80s Crimped Hair is Back

Crimping hair is a way to style your straight or straightened hair, to make it becomes a sawtooth / zig-zag fashion. Hair crimping peaked in mainstream popularity during the mid-1980s. Now the crimped hairstyle is coming back to stage among public. Hair crimper provides a lot of volume and texture on hair. It can be used on many occasions and also has various method to use.

1. 80s Retro Crimped Hairstyle
give your long thick hair plenty of texture by adding in gorgeous crinkles. and you can choose some at the roots to plump up your hair with body, or by adding a few accent pieces around the hairline. But always keep in mind to use heat protectant to avoid heat damage. The style usually last a couple of days.

2. Halloween Costumes with Crimped Hair
If you're stuck for a last minute Halloween costume idea. Get your hair crimped would be a quick but impressive Halloween hairstyle idea. Crimped hair with a dead bride look, also make a sunken eyes and dark makeup, that will definitely make you the most eye-catching on halloween.

3. Add Volume to Hair
If your hair is thin and want to be more voluminous without a curling iron. Hair cirmper will be a great choice. Just crimping at the roots of your hair, in the under-layers, is a good method to rough up the texture and make it stand out from the scalp. One important advantage is that it only takes a few minutes, and unlike curling irons and flat irons, no professional skills needed. The top layer of hair completely hides the crimping from detection. So you get a naturally looking volume and texture on hair


Beside examples listed above, hair crimper also can be use in many occasions. No matter you are short or long hair, with some creative idea, your hair can be totally unique and fancy. 

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