How To Grow Long Healthy Hair

How To Grow Long Healthy Hair

A clarifying shampoo just really gets in your hair and deep cleanses away. The hair product build up from your hair and scalp. It's super important. Clarifying hair shampoo would be used once to twice a month, but everybody's hair needs are different, so you can kind of adjust that how you see fit.


Use a moisturizing hair shampoo weekly for the weekly regimen. Why is that important to use a moisturizing shampoo, because you don’t want to strip your hair of all the nice natural hair oils, and all the goodness. When you start using a specific moisturizing hair shampoo during the week. It’s gonna work out. 


And you’re also going to need hair conditioner. When it comes to a hair journey is probably one of the most important. When it comes to retaining length, thickness and overall health of your hair conditioning. The starting out just condition deep condition once a week starting out. But when it comes to deep conditioning you’re going to need a few different kinds. And this may be overwhelming from for some, but once you actually figure out your routine. It becomes so easy. And you’re going to need a protein based hair conditioner that you use once to twice a month, it all depends on your regimen and what your hair needs. To make sure that your hair stays nice and strong, and use a protein based hair conditioner once a month. 


Also you’ll need a moisturizing hair conditioner and a light protein hair conditioner. It’d better to alternate between light protein and moisturizing conditioners. It depends on what your hair needs at the time. And you’re also going to need a leave-in conditioner of your choice. Using a leave-in conditioner on every wash day has helped hair out tremendously. 

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