Mini Pro? Is It Qualified?

Mini Pro? Is It Qualified?

Today we want to talk more about Terviiix mini pro travel flat iron. People with short hair would be more familiar with mini flat iron. As short hair is more picky when choosing flat irons. 1/2 inch plate is an ideal choice for short hair, as it can get close to root of your hair, make it more easy and convenient while styling short hair. Beside the basic function of a mini straightener, what does Terviiix mini pro have for extra? 

1. Adjustable Temperatures

It is difficult for us to find a mini hair straightener with temperature adjustment function in the market. Only one temperature is not a good idea, because everyone's hair type is different. Some people may get heat damaged on hair while some people may feel not hot enough. Based on the fact, we designed the mini flat iron with 3 customized temperatures. It is more user friendly and smart, as we added a temperature control chip inside the flat iron. 

2. Mini Hand Size & Lock Function

Terviiix mini straightener is handy, it is only 7.9 inch long and 0.5 pound for weight. It can be packed in your bag easily. That means you can take it with you for next trip or travel. 

3. 360° Swivel Cord

This function is basic if you use a 1 inch large flat iron, but when it coms to mini flat iron, It's not that common anymore. Most dealer will cut off this function as it is a good way to save cost. Even though it is harm for using experience. Terviiix mini pro flat iron will never do that.



So what's your idea about mini flat iron? Comment below to let us know your thought.

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